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Add height, style, and natural beauty to any room with a hand-crafted silk tree from Aldik Home. Our talented team of tree makers, led by head designer Teo, create true-to-nature artificial trees using several different styles of real-wood branches and our vast collection of realistic silk foliage. The end result is a tree that looks real from any distance, without any of the maintenance or cleaning issues of a natural plant.

The only limit is your imagination. Whether it's a stunning Fiddle Leaf tree that branches out into a room, an intricately layered Bonsai Ficus tree providing a sculptural presence, or the wild bushiness of a Weeping Willow tree, our team has the experience and creativity to help you realize your vision. Right now, the most popular tree has been a silk olive tree and you can bet that we have the best quality artificial olive trees anywhere in the world. Whether it's a 7 ft olive tree or a 10 ft olive tree, whichever size you need to make that impactful statement in your home, there's only one place where they look even better than nature: Aldik Home. You have never seen artificial trees like these before.

Below you can see our latest silk tree creations.

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