Los Angeles' Best LED Christmas Lights

Come experience Aldik Home’s Light Room, the best place to find Christmas lights in Los Angeles. This room is covered from top to bottom with the most interesting light strings that you just won’t find anywhere else! Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor Christmas lights, incandescent light strings, twinkling LED light strings, or something unique and fabulous to create that wow-factor for your Christmas display, you owe it to yourself to come check out the Light Room at Aldik Home. Below are some of our favorites this year

Come See The Most Unique LED Lights You've Ever Seen 
Light Up Your Season With Cutting Edge Lights 

  • Twinkle LED Connect System! Finally, our most popular light strings can be connected together for long-length strings using just 1 plug! Available in our regular Twinkle Strings and brand new icicle lights, you can use these to light up your whole home!
  • Stunning, flexible Neon Rope lights that are 16 feet long and available in four colors. You’ve got to see these with your own eyes!
  • Twinkling LED light strings. These are our most popular lights. Available in 36 feet, 74 feet, and 148 feet lengths, these lights are the perfect way to add some twinkling fun to your Christmas tree!
  • Warm Gold Cascade lights with black wire. Talk about sophisticated! These twinkling cascade lights add a stunning sparkling effect. We put them in one of our 12-foot trees and it looks gorgeous!
  • Color-Themed 5mm LED Light strings. These two color themes are just about the easiest way to add a sense of sophisticated style to your holiday décor. Each string features lights from three different colors to create a stunning palette.
  • Thin-wire twinkling LED lights. These lights feature a very thin wire that is practically invisible in your tree and an elegant twinkle that is to die for.
  • NEVERDIM Battery Lights. The battery lights of the future are here! This futuristic, modular system lets you create customized battery light strings and the best part is they never (EVER) get dim, no matter how low the batteries get. Want your lights to last longer? Add a battery. Want a brighter string? Just add lights. There are simply no better battery lights for professionals, event planners, or homeowners, than NEVERDIM Battery lights.

Come check out our incredible selection! Lights are available for in-store purchase only.

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