Neuman Trees - The Best Artificial Christmas Trees In The Country

Neuman Trees are quite simply the best quality artificial Christmas trees in the country, a clear step above trees sold by online retailers such as Frontgate and Balsam Hill. Though there are many reasons that set them apart, in four key areas are they clearly superior: design, construction, warranty, and the best lights on any artificial Christmas trees.

Neuman Tree is the only manufacturer that uses specially designed light strings to put a light at the end of every prominent tip, creating the only perfectly, evenly lit artificial Christmas trees in the industry. Other manufacturers use a standard light string that they wrap around the branches, so lights end up wherever they end up, and you can see wires crisscrossing all over the tree. Each light on a Neuman Tree is exactly where it was designed to be. Combined with a longer lifespan (3,000 hours), and perfect placement, Neuman Tree offers an industry best 4-year warranty on lights.

Unparalleled quality, unrivaled beauty, when it comes to artificial Christmas trees, there's nothing like a Neuman Tree 
See with your own eyes what makes a Neuman Tree better than any other artificial Christmas tree in the country at Aldik Homes Tree Lot 

Neuman Tree understands that in order to decorate a tree like a professional, you need strong branches, an unmatched lighting system, and above all space to decorate the inside and outside of the tree. Trees that are too full are impossible to decorate: the ornaments just rest along the outside of the tree. Aldik Home worked with Neuman Tree to design trees specifically for decorating, which is why all of our premier trees (Windsor Noble, Grand Spruce, Virginia Fir, Deluxe Canyon Spruce, Bryce Canyon, and Mendocino Fir) all feature the perfect amount of spacing.

Neuman Trees are just built better. Branches are made from heavier gauge wiring. The molded-plastic tips are more realistic. Each branch is individually hinged rather than a flimsy collar hinge from other manufacturers. These reasons and more are why Neuman Tree offers an industry best 10 year warranty on the construction of their trees in addition to the aforementioned 4 year warranty on the lights.

A Christmas tree is the centerpiece of your holiday season.  There’s no reason to purchase an inferior tree from an online retailer, when you can see and feel the best artificial Christmas trees in the country with your own eyes. Come check out Aldik Home’s tree lot, which features every size of every style of tree.


See every size of Neuman Tree's best styles with your own eyes at Aldik Home's gorgeous Tree Lot.

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