AH Gold Label Christmas Trees - The Finest Artificial Christmas Trees In The Country!

After many years of work, we are proud to introduce the pinnacle of artificial Christmas trees: AH Gold Label. Born from the innovations of Neuman Tree, these trees build upon what was the gold standard and take it to the next level. Having designed all of our Christmas tree styles ourselves, we are proud to offer these same designs in two innovative lighting styles: Always Lit and Brilliant LED. Both styles ensure that whichever you choose, your tree is designed and built to last.

The most realistic artificial Christmas tree styles available in the country: AH Gold Label Christmas Trees are second to none 
Discover the AH Gold Label difference for yourself. From better lights, to stronger wires, these trees are designed from the ground up to outclass all others. 

Always Lit lights offer the traditional warm glow that comes with incandescent light strings without all the fuss and worry. Gone are the days of a light breaking and a whole string going dark and of needing to meticulously check each and every bulb each year. With Always Lit lights, if a bulb burns out, breaks, or is pulled out, your tree Always Stays lit. Enjoy your tree worry free.

The crown jewel of the AH Gold Label line is certainly the Brilliant LED trees, which feature light strings designed to put  a light at the end of each prominent tip. Not only that, but these trees are designed with each branch having it’s own light string, making them incredibly repairable. With lights that are rated to last 50,000 hours, a free dimmer included in each box, and incredibly realistic styles; there are no Christmas trees in the country that come close to Brilliant LED Trees.

The best quality incandscent light Christmas trees in the industry, AH Gold Label's Always Lit trees combine the most realistic designs and sturdy construction with technology that keeps your incandescent lights lasting longer 
Technological marvels, Brilliant LED trees are the most futuristic trees on the market. With lights that extend to every tip, strings designed for each branch of the tree, a free dimmer, and incredibly long lasting lights, there's nothing like these trees anywhere else. 

All AH Gold Label Christmas Trees are backed by a 10-year warranty on the construction of the tree and a 4-year limited warranty on the lights. This industry-best warranty is paired with exceptional in-person customer service. Don’t take a gamble on purchasing an inferior tree online. When it comes to quality artificial Christmas trees, there’s no place like Aldik Home.

AH Gold Label: The finest quality artificial Christmas Trees in the country!

Every size of every style of AH Gold Label Christmas Trees are available to see with your own eyes at Aldik Home's gorgeous Tree Lot.

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