Aldik Home's How To and Informational Videos

Sit back and watch our videos to learn some tips and also more about what makes Aldik Home the premier destination for silk flowers and plants and of course, Christmas decor during the holidays. We will be adding new videos to this page as often as we are able. We hope to showcase not just how beautiful the store displays are as they change throughout the year, but also provide you with some helpful information.

We are especially proud to showcase our AH Gold Label Christmas trees with videos. Not only are these the best quality artificial Christmas trees available anywhere in the world, but they have been designed from the ground up to be more convenient and reliable than anything you'll find online. We will show you not just why these are quality Christmas trees, but also help you understand how to set up your brand new tree and have it looking beautiful!

Featured Video: Aldik Home 2023 - Enchanted Christmas

More videos to come! Stay tuned!

AH Gold Label Christmas Tree Videos

Learn more about what makes AH Gold Label Christmas trees the best quality Christmas trees available anywhere in the world. While we think you'll love the fact that they're more realistic, with stronger branches, and the most innovative lighting system available on any artificial Christmas tree, there's even more things to love about them. Whether it's the flocked Snowy Deluxe Canyon pine or the layered Asheville Noble Christmas tree, all AH Gold Label trees are designed from the ground up to be: more reliable and repairable, easier to use, and longer lasting than any other artificial Christmas trees on the market, including any online retailer. 

More videos to come! Stay tuned!

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