Summer Classics: Savannah Teak Collection

Summer Classics' Savannah Teak Collection is where the warmth of natural teak meets the resilience of N-Dura® resin wicker. This Savannah Sofa is sculpted for those who appreciate the timeless beauty of teak, enhanced with UV-resistant wicker for enduring allure. Each handcrafted piece adds a layer of exclusivity and unparalleled quality. Perfect for outdoor sanctuaries, it combines the organic charm of wood with modern durability, offering a sanctuary of style and tranquility that stands the test of time. Please note, that due to its high-quality center cut, and natural oils, teak will age gracefully without the help of cleaners and protectors. Our exclusive N-Dura® Ultra Resin Wicker sets Summer Classics' outdoor furniture apart with unmatched durability and UV protection in the industry.

High-backed and oh-so comfortable Savannah Teak Sofa and Lounge Chair
Look at the detail on this gorgeous woven resin back of this Savannah Lounge Chair.
Dine in style with a Savannah Teak dining set.

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