Tropical Plants and Flowers

Tour the tropics from the comfort of your home with Aldik Home's collection of vibrant tropical plants and flowers. Feast your eyes on our stunning bird of paradise, or marvel at the detailed leaves and bushy flower of our Plumeria. Infuse some color and style into your living space. Let the deep red and emerald leaves of our Cordyline plant or the pearl-colored flower of our Guzmania plant complement your home décor. With the best selection of tropical plants and that Aldik silk flower quality, it's time to ditch those boring indoor plants and add a color splash to your space.

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Silver Queen Plant 28 in.

Stock# 76242

Spider Plant 20 in.

Stock# 43119

Staghorn Fern 24.5 in.

Stock# 51162

Wild Grass 41.5 in. Green

Stock# 70534

Wild Protea Spray 26.5 in.

Stock# 76281

Zamioculcas Plant 42 in.

Stock# 76247