Silk Tropical Plants and Flowers

The Tropics Have Never Been Closer to Home!

Vibrant colors and intricate textures make artificial tropical plants and flowers particularly eye-catching. With Aldik’s silk collection, you can bring the silk flowers indoors and turn your living room into your exotic spot. Relax amidst bamboo, artificial palm leaves and palm trees, birds of paradise, and silk orchids. As a bonus, you don’t need to care for your artificial plants or bother with the silk flower arrangements! Here at Aldik, we have put together a beautiful floral selection of silk artificial tropical plants and flowers to match all indoor and outdoor home décors. The artificial tropical flowers are made from the most delicate materials and are incredibly life-like. Let our stunning collection of silk botanicals, such as phalaenopsis orchid, calla lily, fiddle leaf fig, or tropical bird of paradise, transport you to lush rainforests and exotic islands without ever leaving your home!

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Woodland Fern Bush 24 in.

Stock# 65874

Wisteria Short 29.5 in. Green

Stock# 83851
Sorry - currently out of stock

Wisteria 51 in. Green

Stock# 83849
Sorry - currently out of stock

Wing Fern Bush 13 in.

Stock# 82000

Turtle Shell Bush 16 in.

Stock# 74978

Taro Plant 25 in. Green

Stock# 81009

Staghorn Fern 24.5 in.

Stock# 51162

Springeri Hanging 48 in.

Stock# 81010
Sorry - currently out of stock

Sprengeri Hanging Bush 26 in.

Stock# 56272

Split Philo Plant 32 in.

Stock# 81064

Split Philo Leaf 23 in.

Stock# 65841
Sorry - currently out of stock

Spider Plant 20 in.

Stock# 43119