Incredibly Lifelike Silk Plants

Decorating with Silk Flowers? There is no better way than using Aldik Home's premium Silk Plants. Accent a floral arrangement with the small leaves of our Myrtle Leaf or the colorful leaves of our tropical plants. Replace boring house plants with the right Boston Fern or decide on a Dracaena for a southwestern style. When it comes to decorating, nothing makes an impact quite like quality Aldik Home silk plants.

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Sprengeri Hanging Bush 26 in.

Stock# 56272

Staghorn Fern 24.5 in.

Stock# 51162

Thyme Pick 6 in. Green / Red

Stock# 66858

Turtle Shell Bush 16 in.

Stock# 74978

Watercress Leaf Stem 27 in.

Stock# 65860

Wild Grass 41.5 in. Green

Stock# 70534