Incredibly Lifelike Silk Plants

Welcome to our Lifelike Silk Plants collection, where nature meets artistry! When you look at our silk plants you will wonder whether they are real. The colors, textures, and materials we use are carefully chosen to make our artificial silk plants as realistic as possible. 

These lifelike creations are at the forefront of botanical precision, where they combine the beauty of living plants without the need for sunlight, water, or maintenance. Our Lifelike silk plant collection can match any interior — or exterior, for that matter. There are tropical plants, herbs, roses, vegetables, and fruit to create endless combinations and boost your décor. All are created with meticulous attention to detail, to achieve plants and flowers that look and feel absolutely lifelike.

Decorating with Silk Flowers? 

If you’re decorating with silk flowers, there is no better way than using Aldik Home's premium Silk Plants.

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Almond Tree Branch 43 in.

Stock# 88996

Areca Palm Plant 34 in.

Stock# 61491

Areca Palm Plant 35 in.

Stock# 61490
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Areca Palm Plant 38 in.

Stock# 76278
Sorry - currently out of stock

Australia Fern Bush 15 in.

Stock# 56266

Bamboo Bundle 37 in. Green

Stock# 70200

Begonia Leaf Bush 9 in.

Stock# 65837

Berry Spray 19 in. Cream

Stock# 63566

Boston Fern 28 in.

Stock# 47082

Boston Fern 34 in.

Stock# 47083

Boston Fern 48 in.

Stock# 47084

Boston Fern 82 in.

Stock# 47085
Sorry - currently out of stock

Boston Fern Bush 23 in.

Stock# 84490

Boxwood Bush Mini 12 in. Green

Stock# 29626
Sorry - currently out of stock

Boxwood Spray 18.5 in. Green

Stock# 31172

Bromeliad 15 in.

Stock# 81098

Bromeliad 16 in. Burgundy

Stock# 61468
Sorry - currently out of stock

Bromeliad 16 in. Burgundy

Stock# 65823
Sorry - currently out of stock