Silk Orchids

Aldik’s silk orchids will make you believe you are surrounded by the tropics. Our wide selection of orchids is stylish, life-like, and affordable. You can mix and match colors for any interior design to introduce a touch of exoticism in your living. From vibrant fuchsia to purple and white colors, trust Aldik for your artificial orchids and get the most out of our stunning collection

Artificial orchids from Aldik that look and feel real

Our artificial orchids have been designed to make a bold statement about style and elegance. Orchid silk flowers are soft textured and their colors match the ones found in tropical forests where orchids abound. The artificial orchid branches come with buds blooms to make them more realistic. Each branch is full, and their flower arrangements will fill up vases and arrangements beautifully.

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Phalaenopsis Mini 20 in. White

Stock# 31668

Cymbidium Orchid 19 in. White

Stock# 31669

Cymbidium Orchid 19 in. Gold

Stock# 31672

Cymbidium Orchid 19 in. Green

Stock# 31674

Cymbidium Orchid 41 in. White

Stock# 31903

Phalaenopsis Foliage Small 9 in.

Stock# 37847
Sorry - currently out of stock

Phalaenopsis Foliage 18 in.

Stock# 41137

Phalaenopsis Leaf 15 in.

Stock# 50988

Phalaenopsis Leaf 11 in.

Stock# 56599

Phalaenopsis Leaf 13 in.

Stock# 77862
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Oncidium Orchid 36.5 in. Yellow

Stock# 82591
Sorry - currently out of stock