Silk Orchids

The smooth, flat leaves of a Phaelanopsis Orchid display an elegance only fit for an Orchid. No wonder Orchids are an ideal wedding flower, as part of a floral arrangement or a bouquet. Yet, these gorgeous spring flowers can brighten up more than just weddings. An Orchid arrangement with a small succulent such as an Echeveria or Agave makes a poignant statement in any room. We have a wide selection of top quality Aldik artificial Orchids, from the elegantly pointed flowers of a Dendrobium Orchid to the patterned petals of a Cymbidium Orchid. Nothing showcases the beauty of nature quite like an Orchid.

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Cymbidium Mini 30 in. Mauve

Stock# 65801

Cymbidium Orchid 19 in. Gold

Stock# 31672

Cymbidium Orchid 41 in. Gold

Stock# 32002

Cymbidium Orchid 41 in. Green

Stock# 32003

Cymbidium Orchid 41 in. White

Stock# 31903

Phalaenopsis 44 in. Green

Stock# 31840

Phalaenopsis Foliage 12 in.

Stock# 41189

Phalaenopsis Mini 20 in. White

Stock# 31668