Silk Lilies

Silk lilies from Aldik are your quality and affordable choice if you want to brighten up your space in a stylish way. 

Silk lilies are a popular decorative flower with their elegant yet fragile look. They stand tall and sleek against any background and in most settings. As they are made of quality silk, they are remarkably soft and life-like, which adds to their style. 

At Aldik we carry a selection of beautiful silk lilies that make astonishing wedding bouquets and can be paired with other spring flowers and orchids. You can create stunning flower arrangements for your home and office and add a hint of spring beauty to your interior. 

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Calla Lily 29.5 in. White

Stock# 52819

Calla Lily Leaf 46.5 in.

Stock# 31665

Natural Touch Calla Lily 32 in. White

Stock# 81104
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Casablanca Lily 39 in. White

Stock# 31657