Flowering Bushes

Our gorgeous Flowering Bushes give you the opportunity to enjoy high quality Aldik Home silk flowers and silk foliage together. From the small, white flowers and vein-streaked leaves of our Daisy Bush, we are confident you will enjoy every intricate detail. These garden inspired bushes will bring a touch of nature to any home decor. Showcase the vibrant colored flowers of our Azalea Bush, or the round, white flowers of our Anemone. Accent any room with the right color Ranunculus Bush and let these spring flowers transform your space. With quality Aldik silk flowers and foliage, our Flowering Bushes will shine in your space, though you may have a hard time convincing people not to water them.

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Lavender Bush 14 in.

Stock# 30847

Ranunculus Bush 13 in. Cream

Stock# 27453

Ranunculus Bush 13 in. Orange

Stock# 27451

Ranunculus Bush 13 in. Yellow

Stock# 27450

Peony Bush 22 in. White

Stock# 70219

Geranium Bush 24 in. Red

Stock# 76269

Petunia Bush 18 in. Purple

Stock# 65809

Rose Bush 21.5 in. Yellow

Stock# 27364

Rose Bush 21.5 in. Cream

Stock# 27363

Dahlia Bush 19.5 in. Cerise

Stock# 70215

Geranium Bush 24 in. Red

Stock# 46434

Geranium Bush 24 in. Pink

Stock# 46435

Geranium Bush 24 in. White

Stock# 46436

Geranium Bush 22 in. White

Stock# 66196