The Best Selection of Quality Silk Flowers in the Country

Flowers in full bloom dotted along a textured branch featuring smooth, realistic flowers make our Cherry Blossom so beautiful. This is just one example of Aldik Home's top quality silk flowers. It is our commitment carrying the absolute best quality silk flowers that provides a great opportunity to add natural elements to any home decor. A floral arrangement with our elegant Gerber Daisy or the sheer flower of our Poppy will help you add color to any room in a simply elegant manner. View our grand selection below, and remember, there are no flowers quite like Aldik silk flowers.

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Wisteria Branch 38 in. White

Stock# 70750

Wisteria 47 in. White

Stock# 83852
Sorry - currently out of stock

Wisteria 47 in. Purple

Stock# 83850
Sorry - currently out of stock

Waxflower Bush 20 in. Pink

Stock# 88980

Waxflower Bush 14 in. Pink

Stock# 88978

Wave Anemone Bush 20 in. Coral

Stock# 84477

Violet Plant 12 in. White

Stock# 81004

Violet Plant 12 in. Violet

Stock# 81003

Violet Bush 12 in. Beauty

Stock# 81115

Tulip Dutch Open 27 in. Coral

Stock# 75008

Tassel Seed Spray 31 in. Blue

Stock# 81199