Indoor/Outdoor Tree and Plant Containers

Looking to spruce up your decor by adding a decorative planter for your trees or plants? Look no further than our online selection of plant containers. With resin, ceramic, ficonstone, and more options, all of our containers are high quality pieces that add style to your space for years and years.

While we have many more options in-store, we are offering up this select collection online for your viewing and shopping pleasure! If you have any questions or would like to see some photos of containers that we are not featuring online, please contact us!

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Ben L 21.5 in. Laterite Grey

Stock# 70737

Bernd L 23.75 in. Imperial Brown

Stock# 72187

Cody High L 27.5 in. Dark Grey

Stock# 70731

Jort M 39.5 in. Grey

Stock# 72183

Orb M 17 in. Black Washed

Stock# 70728

Orb M 17 in. Grey Washed

Stock# 70726

Pat XXXL 15 in. Black Washed

Stock# 70727

Pat XXXL 15 in. Grey Washed

Stock# 70725

Zayn S 20.75 in. Bamboo

Stock# 72191

Zayn XS 16.75 in. Bamboo

Stock# 72190