Cacti & Succulents

The artificial Cacti and Succulent plants at Aldik Home are inspired by nature's most durable plants. From Yuccas to Echeverias, these hardy plants in the cactus family can be used in a variety of ways. They can be combined to form an artificial succulent arrangement, or used to complement a floral arrangement to give it more depth and sophistication. Our favorite way to accent an Orchid arrangement is to cluster a few small succulents such as an Agave, Barrel Cactus, or Sedum at the base. Nature\'s most forgiving plants have inspired the most versatile artificial plants. See for yourself how Aldik silk foliage sets the standard in quality.

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Aeonium 10 in. Yellow

Stock# 44543

Aloe Pick 9 in. Green

Stock# 46532

Cactus Pair 23 in.

Stock# 52131

Cactus Pair 35 in.

Stock# 51111

Cactus Pillar Potted 5 FT

Stock# 51265

Echeveria 8 in. Green / Mauve

Stock# 36354

Grass Pick 7.75 in. Green

Stock# 36316

Grass Plant 10 in. Burgundy

Stock# 51436

Sedum 11 in. Red / Green

Stock# 46505

Sedum Pick 5 in. Light Green

Stock# 46527

Succulent Vine 23 in.

Stock# 41654