Realistic Fruit and Vegetables

Who said that your kitchen should be boring and plain? Modern kitchens are more than just spaces to prepare meals. Bring the beauty of nature into your home with Aldik Home’s artificial fruits and vegetables. With realistic shapes, textures, and weights, our garden vegetables and fruits such as lettuce, lime, or peach would fool anyone. Accessorize your home decor with the appearance of fresh fruit products and bring indoors what nature is handsomely sharing with us. You won’t have to bother about keeping them fresh and they will keep delivering beauty day after day. Whether they are combined in a fruit arrangement, used in home staging, or complement your existing home goods, Aldik Home’s fruits and vegetables will help you capture the beauty of nature.

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Artichoke 5.5 in. Eggplant

Stock# 76947

Lemon Branch 32 in.

Stock# 24984

Lettuce 6 in. Green

Stock# 41655

Lime 3.1 in.

Stock# 81137

Orange 3.5 in.

Stock# 81136

Orange w/ Leaves 4.5 in.

Stock# 76946

Rosemary Bush 18 in. Green

Stock# 81205