Luxury Neuman Christmas Trees

Want to know what makes a Neuman Tree so great?

Electronic ingenuity. Each pre-lit Neuman Tree utilizes the Brilliant Lighting System, which is designed to feature lights on all of the prominent tips. Rather than string lights from section to section, each row has its own string designed specifically for providing an evenly lit, easy to maintain solution.

Impeccable construction. Neuman Tree use a stronger, heavier gauge wire and long-lasting super-bright bulbs rated for 3,000 hours that makes each artificial Christmas tree better for hanging and lighting your ornaments, as well as for standing the tests of time.

User-friendly design. With replacement bulbs at the end of each line (Aldik Home provides an additional 100), each row tied off for easy shaping, and customer-friendly instructions and labeling of sections, Neuman Tree is committed to making your Christmas experience effortless.

Designed for decorating. Neuman Tree shares the same belief as Aldik Home: that an artificial Christmas tree should be easy to use, look beautiful, and not only hold, but showcase your treasured Christmas ornaments.