AH Gold Label Christmas Trees: Setting The Gold Standard

More realistic, better lights, stronger wires, and better design are just some of the benefits of owning an AH Gold Label Christmas Tree. Read on to learn more.

Outclassing all artificial Christmas trees available online, AH Gold Label Christmas Trees are built from the ground up to be the finest in the world.

Electronic ingenuity. Whether it's the Always Lit lights, which are the best way to enjoy the warm glow of incandescent lights without the hassle of maintenance, or the LED Brilliant Lighting System, which extends a long-lasting, energy efficient light to the end of each tip, AH Gold Label Christmas Trees are build to last.

Built to Last. All Always Lit trees receive a complementary 100 replacement bulbs in each box, while all Brilliant LED trees are designed so that each branch has it's own string. Two branch strings are included in each box, making them the most repairable LED trees in the industry. 

Designed for decorating. Designed specifically with the correct amount of spacing and layering, combined with stronger branches means that these trees are a decorator's secret weapon. Also, all 9 FT AH Gold Label trees have a second smaller stand in the box, which can be used not just to help set up the tree, but also allows the tree to convert from a 9 FT to a 7 FT, or even a 5 FT, depending on the sections used.