Measure your space. Make sure your tree can fit your space before buying it! If you are purchasing in-store, there is a 15% restocking fee if you open the box. If you are purchasing online, then all shipped artificial Christmas tree orders are final.

Use a little WD-40 on the end of each section before you slide it into the section below it. It makes it easier to disassemble the sections when you put your tree.

Make sure you connect plugs fully when setting up your tree. Align the half-moon sections in each plug to fit into each other, slide one plug fully into the other, and tighten the twisting lock completely. Failure to connect the sections completely may prevent the tree from lighting fully.

Be careful when opening up and when putting your tree away. When you open your tree the first year, make sure you don't cut through the bubble-wrap and cut a wire. When you put your tree away for the season, make sure you tuck away any plugs so that they don't get snagged. Since the lights last so long (being rated for up to 50,000 hours), simply treating your tree gently is the only responsibility you have in keeping your tree going year after year.

Visit to watch our setup and troubleshooting videos if you have any questions and want to learn more.

If you follow these simple steps, your Christmas tree should bring you and your family many of years of enjoyment. And, if you ever have a problem, bring in the problem section and we will try and fix it for you. Enjoy.

AH Gold Label Christmas Trees: Setting The Gold Standard

More realistic, better lights, stronger wires, and better design are just some of the benefits of owning an AH Gold Label Christmas Tree. Read on to learn more.

Outclassing all artificial Christmas trees available online, AH Gold Label Christmas Trees are built from the ground up to be the finest in the world.

Electronic ingenuity. Whether it's the Always Lit lights, which are the best way to enjoy the warm glow of incandescent lights without the hassle of maintenance, or the LED Brilliant Lighting System, which extends a long-lasting, energy efficient light to the end of each tip, AH Gold Label Christmas Trees are build to last.

Built to Last. All Always Lit trees receive a complementary 100 replacement bulbs in each box, while all Brilliant LED trees are designed so that each branch has it's own string. Two branch strings are included in each box, making them the most repairable LED trees in the industry. 

Designed for decorating. Designed specifically with the correct amount of spacing and layering, combined with stronger branches means that these trees are a decorator's secret weapon. Also, all 9 FT AH Gold Label trees have a second smaller stand in the box, which can be used not just to help set up the tree, but also allows the tree to convert from a 9 FT to a 7 FT, or even a 5 FT, depending on the sections used.

Make Your Christmas Magical

The most gorgeous Christmas display in the country: complete with thousands of ornaments, luxurious christmas ribbon, glittery stems, LED Christmas lights and so much more!

Make the most magical time of year even better with some simple tips: Use a combination of Christmas stems and ornaments to give your decorated Christmas tree, mantle, or wreath some depth. Be sure to play around with scale, color, and patterns when it comes to your ornaments. Wrap your tree in spools of luxurious Christmas ribbon. Nothing makes a decorated tree look more festive than Christmas ribbon. Don't be afraid to add lights! LED lights can be just the thing that sets your tree apart this year! Visit Aldik Home during the holidays to see the most gorgeous Christmas display!

Premium Artificial Christmas Trees

The best artificial Christmas trees in the country, far better than Balsam Hill

Aldik Home’s curated selection of artificial Christmas trees offers the following advantages over the competition: 

Better quality construction. Compared to others, our artificial Christmas trees feature stronger wiring, so each tip can hold heavier ornaments and each branch has the strength and durability to last.

Higher tips count. With more tips, your tree will look fuller and each branch will be stronger, allowing you to use more of your lovely Christmas ornaments.

Higher light count. Our Christmas trees give your home that warm holiday glow with more lights. Not only does this make the tree look more premium, but it lets your ornaments shine and sparkle.

Aldik Home’s commitment to quality and variety. We are dedicated to providing unique, quality Christmas trees that make Christmas even merrier for you and your family.

Tips For Eclectic Home Decor

Whether you're decorating with home accessories or accenting with fruits and vegetables, it's important that you remember to let the design liven up your space.

Splashes of color and mixing of patterns creates a sense of drama when you're accenting your home with unique home decor pieces.

Artificial fruits and vegetables are a great way to add life to your home. Whether you fill a basket up with fruit or display a vase full of lemons, the added color and sense of nature from these decor items can make any kitchen sparkle.

Luxury Neuman Christmas Trees

Want to know what makes a Neuman Tree so great?

Electronic ingenuity. Each pre-lit Neuman Tree utilizes the Brilliant Lighting System, which is designed to feature lights on all of the prominent tips. Rather than string lights from section to section, each row has its own string designed specifically for providing an evenly lit, easy to maintain solution.

Impeccable construction. Neuman Tree use a stronger, heavier gauge wire and long-lasting super-bright bulbs rated for 3,000 hours that makes each artificial Christmas tree better for hanging and lighting your ornaments, as well as for standing the tests of time.

User-friendly design. With replacement bulbs at the end of each line (Aldik Home provides an additional 100), each row tied off for easy shaping, and customer-friendly instructions and labeling of sections, Neuman Tree is committed to making your Christmas experience effortless.

Designed for decorating. Neuman Tree shares the same belief as Aldik Home: that an artificial Christmas tree should be easy to use, look beautiful, and not only hold, but showcase your treasured Christmas ornaments.

Liven Up Your Space With Realistic Silk Plants

Lush silk plants add an extra dimension to any space. Whether it's a silk fern or palm, the natural curving shapes and textures of a silk plant will breathe life into your home.

To create a complete look, play with different elements such as height, color, and leaf style so that they all work together in harmony.

Christmas Ribbon

If you want your Christmas to be spectacular, nothing works quite like the flowing curves of Christmas ribbon. 

With so many ribbon styles to choose from, you can pick the colors and textures that work for your tree and even pair up different looks. A glitter mesh ribbon can layer on top of a print or solid colored ribbon for a sophisticated look. 

Make your Christmas display luxurious this year!

Supplement Your Style With Succulents!

Succulents add a sense of depth with their gorgeous colors, textures, and shapes, making them perfect additions to your home's decor.

Whether you want to add them to any arrangement to give it more visual complexity, or recreate the magic of one of natures most beautiful outdoor plants by assembling them in a succulent arrangement, these versatile design elements are sure to please.

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