Measure your space. Make sure your tree can fit your space before buying it! If you are purchasing in-store, there is a 15% restocking fee if you open the box. If you are purchasing online, then all shipped artificial Christmas tree orders are final.

Always use a good quality thick extension cord. Cheap, thin extension cords can put stress on your lights and can result in your whole tree burning out quickly.

Use a little WD-40 on the end of each section before you slide it into the section below it. It makes it easier to disassemble the sections when you put your tree away.

Replace light bulbs when they burn out. If 5 or more bulbs burn out on one light strand, it puts a lot of stress on the remaining bulbs, and they will burn hotter and then all burn out. Once that happens, you will have to replace the string. So, when you see a bulb here and there that has burned out, replace it. Most of Aldik Home’s trees come with plenty of replacement lights, but if you need more, come see us for additional replacement lights.

Never plug anything into your tree. Your tree is engineered for the number of lights it comes with. Any extra tree-top angel, star, etc., can put undue stress on your tree and make your lights burn out faster. Always add another extension cord that plugs into the wall and plug any additions to your tree into that extension cord.

Be careful when opening up and when putting your tree away. Most problems with Christmas trees result from broken bulbs that occur when the tree is being set up, or when it is being put away. When a bulb is broken, that light string of 50 lights will not work until the broken bulb is replaced. So, be gentle with your tree.

If you follow these simple steps, your Christmas tree should bring you and your family many of years of enjoyment. And, if you ever have a problem, bring in the problem section and we will try and fix it for you. Enjoy.