• Save Up To 40% OFF LA's Best Christmas!
    Save Up To 40% OFF LA's Best Christmas!
    Come check out the best Christmas display Los Angeles has ever seen! Save 20% OFF thousands of ornaments, exquisite ribbon, holiday decor, and so much more. Save 40% OFF the best artificial Christmas trees in the country! There's no place like Aldik Home!
  • Experience Our Most Beautiful Christmas Ever!
    Experience Our Most Beautiful Christmas Ever!
    With brand new color palettes, stunning new styles of artificial trees, and exquisite decor, this is our most beautiful Christmas yet. Come check it out!
    Thousands of realistic silk flowers, lush silk plants, stunning silk trees and so much more await your visit! There's no place like Aldik Home!

Save 20% Off LA's Best Christmas Decor* and 40% Off The Best Christmas Trees in the Country!

Best Quality Artificial Christmas Trees In The Country!

Save 40% OFF The Best Artificial Christmas Trees!

Check out the best selection of premium artificial Christmas trees in the country! With stronger wires and smarter lights, there are no better trees than our Neuman Trees!

Save 20% Off LA's Best Selection of Christmas Ornaments!

Save 20% OFF Gorgeous Christmas Ornaments

Save on Aldik Home's beautiful selection of quality, unique Christmas ornaments, angels, stems, decor, and more! Step into our Van Nuys showroom to be dazzled by LA's best Christmas display.

Luxurious Ribbon Makes any Christmas Better

Save 20% OFF Luxurious Christmas Ribbon!

Check out Aldik Home's gorgeous selection of luxurious Christmas ribbon and tree skirts, which are sure to make any tree look more sophisticated.

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Step Inside Los Angeles Most Beautiful Store

Experience LA's Best Silk Flowers, Silk Plants, and More!

For more than 60 years, Aldik Home has been an oasis of natural beauty in Los Angeles and this year it is better than ever. Nowhere else in the country will you find thousands of high quality silk flowers and plants, incredibly lifelike artificial succulents, and unique home decor in such a beautiful setting. It truly is one of LA's most beautiful stores.

For those looking to add natural beauty to their homes, there is no more surefire way to make a statement than a gorgeous custom silk floral arrangement or a hand-crafted silk tree. With dozens of styles of silk trees, as well as talented artisans who can create a custom tree - using real wood trunks - that will fit perfectly in your space, there is no doubt that you will find something beautiful for your home. Similarly, our talented design team is always ready to help create the perfect silk floral arrangement for any occasion, even wedding flowers! You owe it to yourself to come visit!

What They're Saying About Aldik Home

  • Los Angeles Magazine

    When seeking out unique trompe l’oeil flora—the kind that would make even Mother Nature cop a feel—we set our sights on Aldik Home. The cavernous showroom, open since 1951, brims with pseudo specimens that include the everyday and the exotic: bonsais, ferns, more succulents than you can name, and roses, from bud to bloom [...] The best part? No green thumb required.
  • Bobby R - Yelp

    The people, products and service are the best. From small flower arrangements to full-size trees, they will design and construct exactly what you want and it will be so life-like people will touch it to see if it's real. And they will think it is because they use the best quality artificial plants. Then there's the entire Holiday showroom of Christmas trees, displays & lighting products which are absolutely amazing!
  • #3 Aldik Home

    Aldik [Home] is known for silk flowers and plants that look impressively natural. There's even a "Custom Tree Bar" where customers can choose foliage for one-of-a-kind replicas of popular trees, like ficus, wisteria, or bougainvillea, that are made using actual tree branches to heighten the realism.
7651 Sepulveda Blvd. Van Nuys, CA 91405
818.988.5970 - info@aldikhome.com

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